Shop ReliefTM



Tired of leaving your shop to go out in the cold, rain or snow to relieve yourself? Have neighbors who could see you? Too filthy to go into the house? Don’t have time to leave the shop? ShopRelief may be your answer.

ShopRelief is a waterless hidden urinal for your shop. Installed between studs, it appears as a flush stainless-steel panel against the wall. To use it, fold out the chute. When done, simply close the chute.

How it Works

It drains through a hose that goes inside your wall space and then to the outside. It doesn’t require any plumbing or use any floor space. Simply cut a rectangular opening in your drywall between studs, drill a hole on the outside bottom of the wall, run the discharge hose out into a holding container or buried hole filled with some rock, and finally attach it to the wall with four screws. Here's a profile of the installation in each case:

Side view of installation Side view of installation

It can be installed into walls with standard 16” on-center 2x4 construction, or any spaces larger than this.

Made in the USA, constructed of high-quality stainless steel, it is built to last. The grained finish on the panels is similar to that of typical stainless kitchen appliances and can be maintained with the same cleaners and polishes.

Odor control is accomplished through a design that closes, entirely drains, and with a deodorant block in the bottom. The chute can be removed easily for any cleaning that you wish to do. Or, if you wish the occasional flush, keep a jug of water nearby and pour some in.

Specifications Limited Warranty, Terms & Conditions Installation and Instruction Manual

ShopRelief Purchase

Special Introductory Offer: Free Shipping!

ShopRelief Model SR-01

Includes instruction manual, main unit, mounting hardware, hose, and one deodorizer block. Free shipping applies to domestic lower-48 states via ground. Additional shipping cost is necessary for other shipment destinations, please contact us for details. Sales tax is added for shipments in Washington State.
$295 with free shipping

Supplies: Urinal Deodorizer Blocks Model DB-01-10

Ten cherry-scented deodorizer blocks. Each block can last up to 30 days. Approximate dimensions are 2.65” diameter x .670” thick, 3 oz each. Note that these are restricted from use in California.
$19.95 with free priority mail domestic shipping.

Note: You are responsible for ensuring that your installation meets any local code requirements.