TachMatch is a solution for making your tachometer work, when things just don't match up like they did at the factory.

Did you do an engine conversion? Maybe change the type of tachometer drive signal by installing a different ignition? Install an engine with more cylinders? You don't have to change your tachometer or instrument panel - you can install a TachMatch tachometer adapter into your car, truck or boat.

How TachMatch Works...

Tach Input:

TachMatch accepts most standard tachometer inputs. If you have a standard coil and points ignition, connect TachMatch to your coil. If you are using an aftermarket system to control the coil, such as an MSD, TachMatch accepts its tachometer output signal. If you have a typical GM HEI ignition, the tachometer output signal drives TachMatch. If you are driving your tach from an ECU, the V-Boost unit or a pull-up resistor will amplify the signal.

Cylinder Conversion:

If your tachometer is designed for a different number of cylinders than your engine, TachMatch can change the frequency appropriately to correctly drive your tachometer. Select from 1:1 (if your cylinder count does match), 8:6, 6:4, 6:8, 4:6, 4:8 or 8:4 ratios.

Tach Drive Output:

TachMatch sends the corrected signal to your tachometer. For most tachometers, the standard TachMatch TM-02 tachometer converter is the solution. If you have a current-driven tach, choose the TachMatch I-Boost. If you have a vintage tach, such as an old SW, Radatron or Sun tach, choose the Vintage TachMatch. If you have a hard-to-drive tach, the V-Boost TachMatch will amplify the signal.

TachMatch Product Summary...

There are several TachMatch Products, all described below in more detail. Here's an overview to help decide which products apply to your application:

TachMatch is connected via screw terminals on each module. Wire is not provided. An optional Wiring Kit is available if you do not have suitable wire readily available.

TachMatch products are shipped via priority mail. Please see TachMatch purchase information for purchase details and additional postage necessary when shipping out of the US.

Standard TachMatch...

The TachMatch Model TM-02 is designed with computer-controlled internal circuitry housed in a plastic case. A 4-pin terminal strip is used for connection of the wiring (wires not included, but can be purchased below). To help solve any installation problems, it includes diagnostic tools, such as a LED that indicates power and if it is being triggered, and a special test output that can ensure that it is connected properly to your tachometer.

The TachMatch will trigger from a coil input, HEI input, or MSD tach output. If you are triggering from an ECU, it may be necessary to amplify that signal with a TachMatch V-Boost, or specify a pull-up resistor below.

Here is more information about the TachMatch Model TM-02:

The standard TachMatch TM-02 drives most analog tachometers.

If you are not in the United States, please see the bottom of the page for information about international shipping.

TachMatch Model TM-02

$44.95 + $7.50 priority mail shipping



TachMatch Pull-up Resistor for ECU Triggering

TachMatch is designed to trigger from either coil ignition, HEI, or MSD tach output signals. If you are driving the TachMatch from an ECU, it is usually necessary to have a pull-up resistor for proper triggering. You may locally source a resistor and install it it between the trigger input signal and 12v. We recommend 1.3 KOhms.

Alternatively, if you order this option, we will install a pull-up resistor inside the TachMatch prior to shipment.

Note that once a pull-up resistor is installed, the TachMatch should not be connected to a coil for triggering, as damage to the TachMatch may occur.

This option is applicable to the standard TachMatch TM-02, Vintage TachMatch, and TachMatch I-Drive units. The TachMatch V-Boost is designed to trigger from ECU signals without needing this option.

This option is only available with purchase of a TachMatch, and does not add additional shipping charges.

TachMatch Pull-Up Resistor Installed Internally

$5.00 with no additional shipping charges.



TachMatch Wiring Kit...

The TachMatch TM-02, TM-02-I-Boost, TM-02-V-Boost and VT-01 are installed with four external wires connected to an internal terminal strip (see Instruction Manual links for details). Wire size can range from #14 to #22. If you don't have wiring supplies readily available, the model WK-01 wiring kit consists of four 36"-long wires, one each of red, black, orange and white. Also included are four butt-connectors and two ring terminals.

Wire is high-quality, made in USA, 18-AWG stranded. Terminal style may vary from that shown in picture. This kit is only available with purchase of a TachMatch or MeterMatch, and does not add any shipping charges.


TachMatch Wiring Kit Model WK-01 $8.50


TachMatch for Current-Driven Tachs...

Some earlier vehicles (such as the early 70's Datsuns and Smiths/Jaeger tachs labeled as RVI on the face) use a current-driven tachometer instead of a voltage-driven tachometer. These types of tachometers can usually be identified by some loops of wire around the connections at the back of the tachometer (see an example here). It takes more current to drive these tachometers than can be provided by the TachMatch TM-02. The TachMatch model TM-02-I-Drive, is designed to work with this type of tachometer.

This unit functions the same as the standard TachMatch TM-02, with the exception that it includes an external power resistor and internal changes to provide the current necessary for current-driven tachs.

See the instruction manual below for details of installation.

If you are not in the United States, please see the bottom of the page for information about international shipping.

TachMatch Model TM-02-I-Drive

$59.95 + $7.50 priority mail shipping


TachMatch for Vintage Tachometers...

The Model VT-01 Vintage TachMatch is for driving early tachometers that used a separate control box, such as the Sun EB/BW sender. This unit can drive most early tachometers, including Sun, Stewart-Warner (SW) and Radatron units that have simple + and - terminals on the back.

The Vintage Tach Adapter accepts most common tachometer input signals (same as TachMatch TM-02). For adjustment purposes, it has a "calibrate" signal that provides a known RPM output. When this signal is enabled, you adjust the TachMatch output, via coarse and fine adjustments, until your tachometer reads the correct RPM.

Details of it's connection and calibration can be found in the instruction manual below.

If you are not in the United States, please see the bottom of the page for information about international shipping.

Vintage Adapter


Vintage TachMatch Model VT-01

$49.50+ $7.50 priority mail shipping


TachMatch Voltage Boost Module...

Most tachometers can be driven with a 12v pulse signal, such as that provided by the standard TachMatch and the MSD-6 series. However, some tachometers need a stronger signal that more closely replicates the signal generated by the coil.

The TachMatch V-Boost Module takes a lower level input signal, whether it be ECU output, HEI output. MSD 6 tach output, or from a standard TachMatch TM-02, and generates a stronger signal to the tachometer, similar in function to the MSD 8920.

Another application is when you are changing from a coil-style ignition to a system that uses a ECU. Often, ECU's, with a 5-volt signal, will not drive tachometers designed to use a 12-volt (or higher) level signal. This unit will convert from the digital-level signal to one which will drive your tachometer, similar to the Auto Meter 9117.

The TachMatch Voltage Boost Module does not do cylinder conversion. If you need that, it needs to be driven from a TachMatch TM-02.

Details of it's connection can be found in the instruction manual below.

If you are not in the United States, please see the bottom of the page for information about international shipping.

Voltage Boost

TachMatch V-Boost Module (TM-02-V-Boost)

$39.50 + $7.50 priority mail shipping


TachMatch Purchase...

TachMatch is designed and made in the USA. TachMatch can be purchased on-line.  Shipping is $7.50 to anywhere in the United States via USPS Priority Mail.  Sales tax must be collected for sales within Washington State. See below for additional shipping charges for international shipments.

While TachMatch has been designed to accommodate a wide range of applications, everything that you might try to mix and match can't be anticipated. So if you find that it doesn't work in your application, TachMatch comes with a money back guarantee (see warranty for details).

You become responsible for loss once delivered to a comnmon carrier by TechnoVersions LLC.

Additional shipping charges for international orders...

Additional Shipping to Canada $19.00

Additional Shipping to Australia/UK/Europe $29.00