Tach MatchTM


TachMatch Specifications

TachMatch Model TM-03 Specifications


1.85" W x 2.40" L x 0.95" H

Weight (electronics module)

1.3 Oz.

Pin Numbers

1: +12V, 2: Gnd, 3: Tach out, 4: Tach Trigger Coil In, 5: Tach ECU Trigger In

Power Input Requirements

7 - 24 DcV switched input (< 25mA)

Ground Wire Current

Voltage-mode tachometer: < 25mA; Current-mode tachometer (w/external shunt): < 1 A average (driving non-reactive load).

Frequency Conversion Ratios

1:8 to 8:1 - and all ratios between. Variable cal adjustment for vintage mode via potentiometer. Cal correction for normal tach via up/dn buttons

Maximum RPM

~8,000 RPM for 8 cyl, > 10,000 RPM for 6 cyl and less

Test Signal Output

3,000 RPM based on tachometer cylinder configuration setting

LED Indicator Function

Power on, engine not running: steady on;

Engine running: turns off during trigger input.