Warranty Policy


TechnoVersion Limited Warranty and Return Policy...

TechnoVersions LLC provides a limited warranty for it's products. If a unit should fail within 180 days from time of shipment from TechnoVersions, it can be returned for repair or replacement at TechnoVersions discretion. Products subjected to abuse (as determined by TechnoVersions) are excluded from this limited warranty. TechnoVersions LLC makes no other claims as to suitability and excludes any indirect or consequential damages.

Exclusive remedy is limited to product replacement or repair. Cost of shipping the product to TechnoVersions is at the customer’s expense, but the replacement/repaired TachMatch will be shipped to customer at TechnoVersions expense, except for shipments out of the USA, in which case TechnoVersions shipping cost is limited to the cost of domestic shipments. When returning a unit to TechnoVersions LLC, please include a description of the problem to help facilitate repair.

If a product does not work properly in your application, and is not damaged, TechnoVersions will allow return for full refund of purchase cost, exclusive of any shipping charges. Claim for such must occur within 30 days of product shipment from TechnoVersions. Ship the unit back to TechnoVersions along with a description of the problem and date of purchase. TechnoVersions will remit the refund via PayPal, US Mail or Credit Card refund (at TechnoVersions discretion) within 10 working days of product receipt.

Risk of loss and shipping damage become the responsibility of the customer once delivered to a common carrier by TechnoVersions LLC.