Vintage Tach...

The TachMatch Vintage Tach Adapter Module can be used to control some vintage tachometers, such as Sun tachometers that use the EB/WB type sender box. The TachMatch (and adapter module) completely replace the original sender.

In this application, the TachMatch and adapter is hooked up like this:


The Vintage Adapter is connected to the minus (-) terminal of the tach. It is important that the black wire goes to ground, and the orange wire to the tach (-) since it won't operate properly in the other direction.

Adjust the potentiometer on the vintage adapter until your tachometer reads the correct RPM. Most accuracy is achieved when it is adjusted higher in the RPM range. You will need a second reference tachometer in order to set it accurately.

Position "5" on the TachMatch switch (arrow pointing directly away from the power connector) is used in this application of the TachMatch.